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Welcome to Nautilus. We are delighted you joined us. We are here to tell you about science and its endless connections to our lives. Each month we choose a single topic. And each Thursday we publish a new chapter on that topic online. Each issue combines the sciences, culture and philosophy into a single story told by the world’s leading thinkers and writers. We follow the story wherever it leads us. Read our essays, investigative reports, and blogs. Fiction, too. Take in our games, videos, and graphic stories. Stop in for a minute, or an hour. Nautilus lets science spill over its usual borders. We are science, connected.

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Nicholas White

NautilusNext CEO

John Steele

Publisher and Editorial Director

Kevin Berger


Liz Greene

Managing Editor

Brian Gallagher

Associate Editor


David Agus

Professor of Medicine and Engineering at the University of Southern California

Bob Bazell

Adjunct Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, Yale

Christina Beck

Head of Science & Corporate Communications, The Max Planck Society

Sean Carroll

Senior Research Associate, Department of Physics, California Institute of Technology

Jennifer Dunne

Professor and V.P. for Science, Santa Fe Institute

Josh Empson

Managing Director, Providence Equity Partners

Bran Ferren

Co-Chairman, Applied Minds

Stuart Firestein

Chairman of the Department of Biological Sciences, Columbia University

Jessica Flack

Professor and Director, Collective Computation Group, Santa Fe Institute

Peter Galison

Pellegrino University Professor in History of Science and Physics at Harvard University

Thomas Campbell Jackson

Venture Partner, Easton Capital Investment Group

Beth Jacobs

Managing Partner, Excellentia Global Partners

David Kaiser

Germeshausen Professor of the History of Science, MIT

Lisa Kaltenegger

Associate Professor of Astronomy, Cornell University and the Director of the Carl Sagan Institute

Sep Kamvar

The LG Associate Professor of Media Arts and Sciences at MIT and the Director of the Social Computing Group at the MIT Media Lab

David Krakauer

President, Santa Fe Institute

Ben Lamm

Founder and CEO of HyperGiant

Barnaby Marsh

Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University

Gayil Nalls

Artist, Philosopher, and Writer

Elisa New

Powell M. Cabot Professor of American Literature, Harvard

Gerry Ohrstrom

Private investor and producer. Former Chairman G.L. Ohrstrom & Co and the Ohrstrom Foundation

Jerry Sabloff

External Professor and Past President, Santa Fe Institute

Paula Sabloff

External Professor, Santa Fe Institute

Caleb Scharf

Director of Astrobiology, Columbia University

Geoffrey West

Distinguished Professor and Past President, Santa Fe Institute

Ian Tattersall

Curator Emeritus, American Museum of Natural History